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is a Voluntary, Non-Government and non-profit organization, established to work in the areas of Health, Environment, Education, relief of poor, Natural calamities and to provide amenities and facilities to physically disabled, orphans and semi orphans.


Our Eegai trust has initiated work in the areas of education, environment and empowerment for economically under privileged section of society. we are assessing and gathering needs of the people and provide them on a number of projects through our non-profitable trust


Our motto is to provide education, health, nutrition, shelter and food to economically backward, disabled, orphans and semi orphans, implement relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural calamities, contribute sustainable economic growth through productive employment and decent work, look after adequate support for old age homes, Dredging of ponds and lakes during summer for restoration of water and aquatic life, planting saplings for better environment.

Eegai Foundations objectives are:

  1. Rehabilitating and providing education, shelter and food to economically backward, disabled, orphans and semi orphans.
  2. Working towards demolishing the child labourers and make education possible for every child.

  3. Develop and train young professionals/students by arranging funds for scholarships and guiding them with courses/trainings to meet out national and international standards.

  4. To establish Child Development Centres, Orphanage and Child Care Centre.

  5. To engage in activity aimed to improve the quality of health care for children in its wider sense.

  6. Organize educational and vocational training programme with special focus for deprived sections, kids and unemployed youth to provide new skills, refine/sharpen/upgrade the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation.

  7. Providing adequate support for the old age homes for them to get proper nutrition and health care.

  8. Promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  9. Providing relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural calamities such as floods, tsunami and droughts.

  10. To promote / solve cause of health care, food problem, housing / shelter problems and humanitarian relief for people with problems.

  11. To enhance collaboration with community partners working among deprived and vulnerable community to support them for empowerment.

  12. To involve itself in any action independently or in conjunction with any other body with similar objectives.

  13. Provide funds for any or more of the public charitable and literary objectives.


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