Disaster Response

Supporting Disaster Survivors

Disaster refers to the mishap, calamity or the grave occurrence from the natural or man-made reasons which can’t be stopped or tackled immediately by the affected community the damage may be colossal, destruction and death.
We cannot  stop or exactly predict the natural disaster, but we can work for the disaster rehabilitation together. But in the case of manmade disasters , we are the responsibility to reduce and stop the gradual upcoming disasters like environmental degradation, pollution, accidents (e.g.industrial, technological transport and hazardous materials).
The impact of disasters on people and environment is extensive. They often have significant medical and humanitarian and basic needs and restorage for environment. Our Eegai team members offer support to lessen the trauma of sudden loss, injury and disaster-related suffering.
Therefore, the goal of the trustees is to give integral care in the aftermath of disasters such as drought, famine, mass displacement, floods and so on, when the health and livelihood of people is at risk.

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