Environmental safe guard

சுற்றுச்சூழல் பாதுகாப்பு - பசுமை காப்போம்

We educate, empower and mobilize people and students to conserve, protect their environment for the benefit of nature and our ecosystem. We are in the situation to provide a healthy environment for our next generation.
Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land,hills, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things. Healthy environment maintains the ecosystem  balance as well as helps in growing, nourishing and developing all the living things on the earth. However, now a day, some manmade technological advancement spoiling the environment in many ways which ultimately disturbs the balance or equilibrium of nature. We are keeping our lives in danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet.
If we do anything in wrong way out of the discipline of nature, it disturbs the whole environment
Currently, our earth is being excessively polluted and is thereby losing its environmental balance. The need of the hour is general awareness of an Eco-friendly and sustainable development for generations to come and forever. There are a lot of things that affect our planet in a bad way but the good thing is that we everyone can help to reduce dirt of the earth and increase the value of our environment by doing a bit favor for our earth.
Let join your hand with eegai and enjoy the safe environment by serving together.

2018 Environment day

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